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  • Jim FitzGerald

Paver Sealing


Spring is the time of year to consider sealing your brick pavers. By getting your pavers sealed before the rainy season begins you are proactively inhibiting all that unsightly black mold and algea that accumulates on top and in between the paver bricks. This is the same growth that you may see on your roof if it is dirty, it moves from the roof to all the lower surfaces.

At Titan Pressure Cleaning we start our paver rejuvination process by spraying weed killer 5 days before the start of the job. We then begin with a thorough pressure cleaning to remove any stains from rust, mold/algea/mildew, and grease. This pressure cleaning also removes much of the growth lying in the seams between the pavers which will continue to grow if not removed. Usually we will clean the pavers at least twice and sometimes three times to achieve the best leve of clean. Aways remember whatever stains are left on the paver will be locked in once the paver is sealed.

The next step after cleaning is to apply new joint sand to the pavers. Applying joint sand helps fill the paver seams to prevent the paver from moving and also can block weeds and ants from causing a mess later. We then apply three coats of sealer letting it completey saturate the paver and the joint sand to lock evrything in place. The end result is a beautiful finish and an unparalelled level of protection for years to come.

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